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Canadian Songwriter Doug Long writes songs for professional singers and bands to perform record and turn into #1 Hits. Record one as a hit single, or use several to fill out an album. Or, ask Doug to write a hit song just for you.

We invite you to record our songs as singles, on albums, or as digital files. However, before doing so, you must obtain a license from SODRAC, in affiliation with the Harry Fox Agency.

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owns copyright and publishing rights in all of the songs, lyrics and music written and composed by Canadian Songwriter Doug Long. (a division of 2815699 Canada Inc.) also owns the Master recordings.

The catalog will soon include 100+ songs . . . and growing.

Doug's songs qualify as Canadian content under
Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission
CRTC CRTC Canadian content guidelines MAPL logo guidelines

Doug can custom write lyrics, tunes and jingles for corporations, associations advertisers, public-service announcements (PSAs) and such special occasions as weddings, anniversaries, etc. A love song for that special someone in your life makes a uniquely treasured gift.

Doug's preferred genres are Country, Country Rock, Pop and Novelty. also provides musical arrangements and broadcast demos
(.wav & .mp3 formats) of custom-written songs.

You can call Doug Long or Morri Mostow Toll-Free at 1-877-247-7104
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